Tripple H was a full body spinner that competed in Heat A of Mechanical Mayhem.

Mechanical Mayhem(2010-Present)Edit

First Round

Defeated Death Trap

Triple H's Semi Finals appearance

- Driven into Pit

Defeated Grimace-Judges Decision

Second Round

Defeated Buzz Kill-K.O.

Heat Final

Defeated Anger-Driven into pit

Semi Finals

Defeated by Zero Gravity-Driven into Pit. 12th Seed.


Ironically, the reason Triple H lost to Zero Gravity was because it had a size reduction to make it faster, but was able to fit in the pit, unlike in Heat A where he was able to escape because of his length.

Triple H is not named after the WWE Wrestler of the same name, he is named after Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia-the fear of the number 666.