The House Robots of Masteraths Robot Wars
(from left to right) White Lightning, Genocide,
X-Calibur, Bloodshed, & Rubix


Masteraths Robot Wars


White Lightning

Former Members

Sir Killalot
Dead Metal


White Lightning (2010)
Genocide (2009)
X-Calibur (2008)
Bloodshed (2010)
Rubix (2010)

The House Robot of Masteraths Robot Wars are the defenders of The MRW arena long with Ref Bot Bill The Slowasaurus.

Current House RobotsEdit


Known as the Leader of the Pack because it is the oldest of the current house robots and it the leader of the House Robots. It has no weapons and completely relies on it's power. Very similar to Robot Wars house robot Growler.


A wedge shaped House Robot that debuted in Series 4. This robot was the second oldest of the current team. It has low ground clearance and gets an advantage when it's underneath other robots. In Series 7 It gained a weapon, a lethal spike that makes it's ground clearance even lower, and a spike on the back that can impale robots in the CPZ.


The 3rd oldest House Robot and armed with 2 flippers. It was the biggest House Robot before the arrival of Rubix. Bloodshed debuted in Series 6.


The 4th oldest House Robot and is a simple Rubix cube. It debuted in Series 6 and was the only house robot to not be introduced at the beginning of the series. It has no weapons but it very powerful and runs every way up. It is also the only house robot of the current team to not me handmade by Masterath himself.

White LightningEdit

The newest House Robot and debuted in Series 7 with a promo. White Lightning is armed with a 180 degree Double Edged Axe. It has been known to be able to pierce most cardboard robots in the current series. White Lightning won the FMRW House Robot of the Year 2010. On the 1st January 2011 episode of Legends, it aided Titan Blade 12 in defeating Drakium.