== Robo War was a series originally crated by Lastdaydawning but unfortunately ended. However Launch1995 created a series by the same name, and the series has been a success ever sinces was a completely unrelated edition of Robo War. The first heat of Series 1 was recorded by Launch1995's friend and Co-producer RoboRampage123 (formerly RoboRampage95) and was a hit. Then after RoboRampage quit and left Launch do record alone. As the seires went on many flipper robots did well such as Anti-Gravity, D-Day and G.U.I.L.T. Launch1995 asked Lastdaydawning, the creator of the first Robo War, if he could use the name, whuch he was allowed to do.

Series 1

Series 1 had 4 heats of 8 robots. A winner from each heat would go through to the grand final. In the grand final there was G.U.I.L.T, D-Day, Storm and Anti-gravity. The eventual winner was G.U.I.L.T after he flipped out D-Day.

Series 2

In the second series, there was 6 heats of 8, with 12 seeds and 2 robots going through to 1 of 2 semi finals. The seeds where:

1: G.U.I.L.T

2: D-Day

3: Storm

4: Anti-Gravity

5: Colonel 9000

6: F50

7: DX

8: Deadblow

9: Thing 1

0: Demo Disc

11: Tough As Nails

12: Reptirron 3

G.U.I.L.T went out in the semi finals to Reptirron. D-Day lost out to Colonel 9000. Storm failed to get past New-comer Sucker-Punch. And an all newcomer clash between F Hinds and Steg O Saw Us ended in the dinosaur being flipped out. In the final the Colonel knocked out Reptirron, F Hinds beat Sucker Punch, 3rd/4th place playoff ended with Sucker Punch coming out on top. And Colonel 9000 flipped the mighty F Hinds out to become the second series champion.

Series 3

The third wars was much better than the 2 before it for 2 reasons. 1) improve robots and 2) a much better camera. These where the 3rd series seeds:

1: Colonel 9000

2: F Hinds

3: Sucker Punch

4: Reptirron 3

5: G.U.I.L.T

6: D-Day

7: Gale

8: Steg 2

9: Dx 2

10: Blackened

11: Thing II

12: Demo Disc

13: Unique

14: Monad 4

15: Dante 2.0

16: Instigator

64 robots competed and ended up with 8 robots in the semi final. They where Big Nipper, Journey Evolution, Unique, Crafty (Formerly Tough as Nails), Steg 2, 5, SCART and F Hinds. Big Nipper was pitted by Steg 2, Journey Evolution flipped 5 out of the arena in 2 seconds, Unique pitted SCART in a great match. And Crafty slammed F Hinds out of the arena which was a massive shock to all! In the final Journey Evo flipped Crafty out of the arena in 3 seconds this time. Unique scraped past Steg 2 by nudging it out of the arena and Unique moved on to the grand final. In the playoff, Steg 2 flipped Crafty who couldn't self-right and was flattened by the Drop Zone. In the final, Unique and Journey where close to going to a judges decision, until Unique slammed Journey Evo into the pit, and Unique became the 3rd Series Champion

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