Pac-Man is the current champion of Mechanical Mayhem . He is a simple wedge with a flipper, and has his name as well as a drawing of Pac-Man on his Flipper. In series one of MM his armor was thin and flimsy, but it has since been replaced with thicker card-board.

Mechanical Mayhem (2010-Present)Edit

Pac-Man entered Mechanical Mayhem is Series 1, Heat H.

Round 1

Defeated Mortal Enemy-Flipped out of the Arena

Defeated Ramp Champ-Flipped out of the Arena

Round 2

Defeated The Rocket- Driven into Pit

Heat Final

Defeated SawMan-Flipped out of the Arena

Semi Finals

Defeated Paradox - Flipped out of the Arena


Defeated Robo Rampage-Flipped out of the Arena

Defeated Zero Gravity-Flipped out of the Arena

Honors & AccomplishmentsEdit

Mechanical Mayhem Champion (Series 1)