Nostalgia is a silver wedge-shaped robot which competes in Robot Wars Lego Madness. It is armed with a powerful flipper which takes up the extent of the body, similar to real-life robot Wheely Big Cheese. It won Series 1, defeating many powerful robots along the way. Nostalgia is still undefeated as it has made the semifinals of Series 2.

Fight HistoryEdit

Series 1

Round 1 vs Madness, Demon's Flywheel and Toro- qualified

Round 2 vs Neo Pounder- won

Heat Final vs Toro- won

(semifinal fight history is lost due to the hiatus)

Grand Final Round 1 vs Poke-Bot- won

Grand Final vs Biggie Wedge- won

Series 2

Round 1 vs Venom, Panic and Crystal Doom- qualified

Round 2 vs Recycler- won

Heat Final vs Venom- won

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