this was the first of a very good fmrw series on you tub


1st- Revolutionist 2nd-Arctic 3rd-Chaos 2 4th-Battlebot 5th-Hypnodisc 6th-Tornado heat 1

round 1

revolutionist(1) vs thor vs crippler

out crippler

xterminator vs bot out of hell vs wild thing

out xterminator

heatt simi finals

revolutionist (1) won vs lose bot out of hell

wild thing won vs lose thor

heat final revolutionist(1) won vs lose wild thing

heat 2

battlebot(4) vs behemoth vs bp2

out bp2

fanny vs m2 vs flip flap

out flip flap

heat simi finals

battlebot(4) won vs lose m2

fanny won vs lose behemoth

heat final

battlebot(4) won vs lose fanny

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