Galaga, after a slight size reduction.

Galiga was a simple box-flipper design, from Mechanical Mayhem. They have a Spaceship on their flipper, and the Galiga arcade game logo on the top.

Mechanical Mayhem (2010-Present)Edit

Galiga made it's debut in Heat J of Mechanical Mayhem , where it lost to Harold .

First Round

Defeated Whirlwind-flipped out of the arena.

Defeated Wacky Jack -K.O.

Heat Semi-Final

Defeated by Harold -flipped out of the arena.


Galiga is only the 2nd robot named after an arcade game, the first being Pac-Man .

Galiga's fight with Pac-Man was the shortest fight in all of Mechanical Mayhem, and Fan made Robot Wars all together, lasting only 1 second.

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