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Exodus is a FMRW Robot that currently appears on Masteraths Robot Wars. And is the current MRW New Blood Champion of Champions

Masteraths Robot Wars (2010-present)Edit

Series 6 New Blood ChampionshipEdit

Exodus entered the Series 6 New Blood Championship as being one of the 2 wildcards that had never been seen before along with Amethyst.

First Round

Defeated Amethyst - flipped out of the arena


Defeated AK-1 - flipped out of the arena


Defeated Ensign - flipped out of the arena

After 3 straight out of the arenas Exodus was crowned the Series 7 New Blood Champion and qualified for a New Blood Champion of Champions match against Speed the week after on Legends, which it won with another out of the arena

Series 7Edit

Exodus had its first fight of Series 7 in Heat 5. it dominated the battle by flipping out the last seed Warlord, immbolizing Revolution Corrosice and almost flipping out Terminator. It defeated Ensign in the heat Semi-Final flipping it Out Of The Arena. It flipped out DF II after a shakey start after Exodus was counted out for 4 seconds before getting going again. Exodus then shocked FMRW by flipping out the giant flipper of Catalyst in the Quaters. However in the Semi-Final it was pitted by Impact.

Honors & AccomplishmentsEdit

Masteraths Robot WarsEdit

  • New Blood Champion (Series 6)
  • 1 time New Blood Champion of Champions

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