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Bill The Slowasaurus or bill as it's also known is a FMRW Ref Bot that is appearing on Masteraths Robot Wars. Bill goes down as FMRW's most successful and popular Ref Bot and has won FMRW Ref-Bot of the Year the last 3 years.

Masteraths Robot Wars (2008-present)Edit

Ref BotEdit

Bill became the MRW Ref Bot in 2008 to maintain order in the FMRW Arena. And has the ability to warn or send off a house robot and count out an immobile competitor.

Competitive Career (2009), (2011)Edit

Bill competed in the Alexthe15th request tournament in April 2009 and beat Robofrog in Round 1 via a judges decision. But was destroyed by Calamity Call 3 in a pitiful 7 seconds.

Bill came back to competitive matches on the 2 years of Masteraths Robot Wars against Omega Killerlot and Diamondstorm. But was defeated.

Recurring SegmentsEdit

Masterath has invented many recurring segments including Bill like when Bill is not at the arena, Masterath says that Bill "Is at the local pub", and when Bill returns Masterath says "It was chucking out time at the local pub", The other segment is that, due to Bills poor equilibrium, Bill falls over in the arena quite alot and has said to have been "pwned".

Honors & AccomplishmentsEdit

FMRW AwardsEdit

  • 2009 FMRW Ref Bot of the Year
  • 2010 FMRW Ref Bot of the Year
  • 2011 FMRW Ref Bot of the Year