Heat AEdit

This heat was the kick off to the last series of ADW, it featured 2 veterans Deisel and Lucky Dice and 4 newcomers Mr Sly who was an inspiration to Mr Nasty, Flicker who was the first robot in ADW History to have a weapon that works itself, Vertigo who looked quite unbalanced and Levels who was inspired by a German player with te exact surname.


Mr Sly, Deisel, Flicker, Lucky Dice, Vertigo, Levels

Heat A, Round 1, Battle 1: Mr Sly vs Deisel vs Lucky DiceEdit

Mr Sly began the fight with a bang by slamming right into the weaponless robot Lucky Dice who looked unreliable, Deisel came into the attack by whacking Mr Sly's side and pushed the Cardboard made robot onto the side wall with brute force, Lucky Dice was using it's spinning attack but it wasn't effective as Deisel reversed into Lucky Dice and hit the pit release button in the process. Lucky Dice was then stuck on the edge of the pit and Deisel finished off Lucky Dice with a tiny push. Even though Mr Sly took an aggresive beating of Deisel it was still mobile and went through with Deisel to Round 2. Lucky Dice was eliminated.

Heat A, Round 1, Battle 2: Flicker, Vertigo, LevelsEdit

Flicker and Levels went at each other with Flicker catching Levels underbelly and flipping it with it's weapon, Levels reacted quickly by self righting sucessfully and fought back in the battlefield, Vertigo meanwhile attacked Flicker and pushed it to the CPZ where Scorpio grappled Flicker. Vertigo reversed away fro the action for a few seconds until Levels caught him by a suprise by ramming it's backside and breaking one of it's balancing joints. Vertigo was then immobile and Flicker broke free from Scorpio's clutches. Scorpio saw the dead Vertigo and crushed his scoop with his grabbing claws. Vertigo was eliminated, Flicker and Levels gave themselevs a flipper hi five as they qualified to Round 2.

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